Do you want to learn a different language and culture? Do you want to learn about Asian culture? Chinese class might be a excellent choice for you! According to the article by Sean McGibney on The Chairman's Bao website, Madarin Chinese is a language spoken by over 955 million native speakers all over the world, and it is more than any other languages. This means you might be able to talk to over 13% of the world's total population by learning Chinese!


And in the Chinese class, you can also learn about Chinese culture and customs during the course of learning Chinese. By learning these, you will be able to incorporate integration of diversity awareness including appreciation of all cultures and their important contributions to our society.

In addition, if you are interested in any other Asian languages,like Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese, learning Mandarin Chinese might also be helpful for your further study. Since in these languages, the pronunciations of some words are similar to Chinese words, and there are a lot of Chinese characters used in Japanese, learning Chinese can really help to build a good foundation for learing other Asian languages.