Welcome to Liberty High School!

The Deans at Liberty High School would like to welcome new and returning students to our school. We want you to have a safe and successful school year!

Dean Contact Information

Kim Kamrowski - email: kamroka@nv.ccsd.net

Newel F Matavao - email: matavnf@nv.ccsd.net

Amanda Grant - Dean's Secretary || email: grantaa@nv.ccsd.net || 702-799-2270 ext. 4500

Attendance Office Room 400

The Attendance Office is in Room 400 in the Quad

Please go to Room 400 to turn in your absent excuse notes, and for all of your attendance matters.

If you have any questions, please email:
Betty Lundy
Attendance Secretary

For the Safety and Security of Students and Staff:

Liberty is a "Closed Campus" and Students are NOT Allowed to Leave Campus During Lunch. Students who have a shortened schedule must ENTER and EXIT through the school’s Front Entrance Doors (by the flag pole) ONLY!ID's will be checked.

If students have an open period, they ARE NOT ALLOWED to enter campus until the beginning of their first class and they must leave campus at the end of their last period.

Finally, students need to have a "late arrival or early out" sticker on their ID card to be allowed to leave campus. The stickers are available in the Dean's office.

CCSD Search Notification

Students are hereby informed that they will be subject to search when they enter campus after the beginning of the school day. This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized returns. This notice does not exclude personnel, however, from searching a student at any time should there be reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.

Por este medio se informa a los alumnos que serán sujetos a revisión en su persona y pertenencias al ingresar al campus una vez que haya iniciado el día escolar. Esto incluye, pero no se limita a regresos no autorizados. Sin embargo, este aviso no impide que un miembro del personal pueda revisar a un alumno en cualquier momento si existe sospecha razonable de actos indebidos.

Students Applying for a Learner's Permit or Driver's License

Nevada law requires students to attend school regularly in order to apply for and keep their driver's license and learner's permit. Students under the age of 18 who wish to apply for a learner's permit or driver's license must submit to the DMV office at the time of application a completed DMV-301 form signed by a school official. This form will verify that the applicant has attended at least 90 percent of the school days in the current semester — or they did not miss more than seven days of a block schedule and 10 days of a non-block schedule. Informational Flier   More Information

CCSD Student Attire

All students are expected to wear proper attire to school in order to foster an environment that promotes learning. The school administration has the right to designate which types of clothing or appearance disrupt or detract from the educational program and may be a potential safety hazard. CCSD Regulation 5131 and Policy 5131 establish the guidelines for proper dress and for Standard Student Attire.


The attendance policy adopted by the Clark County School District Board of Trustees, CCSD Regulation 5113, states that secondary students who exceed TEN (10) unapproved absences in any course during a semester will not earn credit for that course. This may be adjusted for schools that adopt a block schedule. The student may be retained in the current grade or be referred to an alternative education program. It is the policy of Liberty High School to 1) encourage maximum attendance on the part of students and 2) require absent students to explain their absences. Liberty High School is on a block schedule and will apply the six (6) unapproved absence limitation to all classes. When you reach seven (7) unexcused absences in a class, you will be denied credit in that class.

Exam Re-Take Policy

In order to improve the academic success of Liberty High School students, each student will be allowed to re-take one exam, per course, per quarter. The requirements of the exam re-take will be determined by each department.

Liberty High School Academic Honesty Policy