AFJROTC Gifted Special Teams

Our Teams include;

Armed Drill Team

Our Armed Drill Team works with rifles and drill movements to compete against other schools. They practice days before competition with determination and the will to win first place. The commander/co-commander are

UnArmed Drill Team

Our UnArmed Drill Team does not work with items, but with pure concentration in intricate drill movements. As our armed drill team, they had the mind set of first place every time they head off to competition. The commander/co-commander are

Color Guard

Our Color Guard is quite honored by the school itself, we always see them during assemblies - caring the flags high and proud. Even though it may look simple, training goes into perfecting every single movement. Not to mention, the outfits are amazing and are in good-taste. The commander/co-commander are

Physical Fitness Team

The Physical Fitness Team is hard-working and determined to win the competitions they go to. Always on point with their exercises, they truly are dependant on teamwork to win first place. The commander/co-commander are


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